The Friend Share Deal Reveal tool builds upon the successful Friend Share app and is designed to help social marketers empower their visitors to share with their friend networks in order to access a deal.
The App engages the user to take action to get the deal offer, incorporates a unique friend list tool for easy access to friend sharing, and allows the fan to post a message direct to a friend’s News Feed. The clicks and actions by those shared with tend to be higher since the messages comes from the trusted friend.
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Friend Share Deal Reveal App Features
Give fans the info and upon seccessful share to a friend the deal is then revealed to the fan.
Like all TabSite apps, there is an ability to customize to any language.
Tracking metrics of who shared, how many they share with, and total shares.
Page Admins can identify the top sharer and export this data.
Ability for the deal to be set for a certain time period.
Ability to turn on a name and e-mail address lead capture on the deal revealed page. With export of this data available as well.