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Cancel a TabSite Plan


To Cancel a TabSite Plan for a Facebook Page:

First, please note that we are ready to assist you and help you succeed with TabSite.  Please submit a support ticket related to your issue first so we can work to resolve any issues.

To cancel, go to the TabSite Manager area and under Account Information (https://www.tabsite.com/account_info.php), find the plan you wish to delete under the "Paid/Free Accounts" area and remove it.  

Click "Delete" to terminate your account and this will stop all billing going forward for that plan.  Our terms outline that there are no refunds for unused portions of a month.  Once you delete your account, then recurring billing stops. www.tabsite.com/terms

We are always looking for ways we could improve and keep users so we would value any input on what could have made our software better.  Please let us know!



You must cancel your Free Trial Plan within 14 days of sign-up or else the plan will be billed.  There are no refunds if the plan goes to billing.  You are responsible to cancel prior to the 14th day.

To cancel, go to the TabSite manager and click "Cancel Trial" link.  See below.