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Enterprise Template Creation for Users

TabSite offers a Enterprise white label version of TabSite for Agencies, Digital firms, Franchises, MLM systems, and large brands.

Within the Enterprise system, any Enterprise Owner or Enterprise Admin (Admin created by the owner) can create drag-n-build designed templates and assign those templates to be available to Enterprise Users or Page Admins.

So a Agency can create a template for restaurant franchises and assign that template to the specific Franchise fan page(s) Admins in the Enterprise system by granting template access to the person(s) who manage those pages.  These users then have a added area in their Templates categories called "Custom Templates" where any templates they have been given access to appear by name.  These users can simply select "Add" and that template is added to their tab for them to use and publish on their Facebook Page.

This feature allows Enterprise White Label users the power to design creative tabs for clients and then give access to those tabs to specific clients in the manager area.



The Enterprise owner or Admin simply creates the template using the Drag N Build templates of their choice.  

1. Upon finishing the template the owner/Admin selects "Save as Template" from the Save drop down menu.



2. In the dialogue box that appears, name your template and to grant access to others, click the "Offer Template to other Users" checkbox.



3. This opens the area where you set who should have access.  You can simply select "All users" or you can specify users to have access.  



Specifying users gives you a search field to search by e-mail or name.



4. The Enterprise Owner or Admin that created the template has access to the Template and ability to edit who has access going forward at any time by going to the Templates area and in the My Templates sub-section, simply clicking "Edit" on the template.  



5. Those granted access to the template will have a "Custom Templates" area added to their template sub-sections.  They can see all templates they have been given access to and selecting  "Add" allows that user to add the template to their tab.