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Export Manager

The Platinum version of TabSite has an advanced set of tools for Contests, Sweepstakes, and Forms.  The features include ability to:

  • Capture and Export Contest,Form, Sweeptstakes entries, including photos in Photo Contests. 
  • Build Editable Forms on tabs and have export capability of all form submission data.
  • Easy pick a random winner or winners from Sweepstakes Entries with 1 click.
  • Track the views of each Contest entry.
  • View the Total Votes and view a list of Voters.
  • Pre-Approve Entries: Admins can select that Contest entries be Pre-Approved before they go live on the Facebook Page.

Video Overview:




Capture, View, Manage, & Export Entries 

TabSite Platinum allows users to capture, view, and export all entries to a contest or sweepstakes.

Data is stored for 6 months after the end of the contest or sweepstakes and can be viewed, managed/deleted, and exported during that time.  This includes the ability to export the YouTube and Vimeo video url's per Video Contest entries, abilty to export the essay/content entries for Essay Contests, and ability to export a zipped file of all contest images from Photo Contests.  Sweepstakes users can export the data from each submission of their created Sweepstakes form.  When using the TabSite Form Builder, this data is also stored and available for export to csv file.


STEP 1:  Select Facebook Fan Page you wish to work on (if you have more than one TabSite Plan).


STEP 2:  Access the Export Manager in the TabSite Manager left menu.

If you have created a Sweepstakes, Contest, or Form within a tab on a the Facebook Fan Page you are viewing, you will be prompted to select to go to the Export manager area you wish.  Simply select Form Manager, Sweepstakes Manager, or Contest Manager.  If you have not added one of these features, it will not appear as an option.


TabSite displays a list of the results.  As shown in the image above, we went to the Contest Manager and there were three contests that have been created on this Facebook Fan Page.  Admins can also use the Search box to find a particular Contest if needed.


Once a Admin has found the Contest wanted, they can see general information including the tab name of the tab the Contest is on and the name of the page within the tab the contest is on (useful if you have sub-pages on a tab).  The Contest Type is displayed (Photo, Video, or Essay/Content), the date it was created [Stored From] (note that the maximum contest length to run is 120 days), number of entries overall in the contest and number of overall votes total in the contest.  

The pencil icon under "Function" gives Admins ability to manage entries, and the save icon next to it is a quick access to the export function of entry data.

STEP 3: Click the contest which you wish to view/export/manage.


When a individual contest is clicked, the detail view opens.  This gives further information and tools about how long the data will be stored for, including image/essay storage.  There are links to Edit the Page in the TabSite Manager which takes you to the widget on the tab.  In addition, Admins can access a number of areas as outlined below:


Manage/View Entries - This allows you to view and delete any entry.  If you have selected the "Page Admin Approves Entries before they Go Live" option, then you will also have a green checkmark as shown below.  The red "x" is for deleting entries and the green checkmark for approving entries to go live.



NOTE ON THE: Manage & Approve all Contest Entries before they go Live on Fan Page. - TabSite Platinum allows Page Admins to have the option to pre-approve all Contest entries before they would be live publicly on the Facebook Page.  This moderation feature gives Page Admins more control over entries and enables stronger protection against entries not meeting all contest requirements.  This feature is turned on within the widget.  Go to "Edit Page in TabSite Manage."  Then select "Edit" on the Contest from the Layers area.  Once the Contest setup area is open, go to the Entry Form area and the toggle is below the "Number of Entries Allowed" as shown below:



Manage View Votes in a Contest

Clicking the "Manage/View Votes" link within a Contest Manager will open a view of the Entries.  You can view the data in a number of ways to find any Entry.  This view below shows each entry, the entry date, and the number of votes for that entry.  Page Admins also have ability to delete votes if voting has not met the requirements of the contest.  Click on any Entry to view the individual votes for that entry.


Below is the view of Entries for the "Rather be at the Beach" entry.  This shows the voter has voted 4x for this entry and the last vote was at the noted time.  Again, the Page Admin has ability to remove this voter if the votes did not meet contest criteria.  This is a safeguard against fraudlent voting.  The name of the individual is a link to their Facebook Profile which provides a means to verify the validity of the Facebook user and profile.



Export Data to CSV

When clicking the "Export Data to CSV" link or icon in the Export Manager area, this box will appear.  The box contains the fields that were created in the widget and which are available for export as shown below.



Export Images to Zip

Shown below, the "Export Images to Zip" link will export all images from the specific  Photo Contest to a zipped file.  This will open a new browser window with ability to save the Zip file to a location of your choice on your PC.  This does not delete the images from the Export Manager area.



Delete Contest / Delete All Entry Data 

These links allow you to delete contest information.  The "Delete Contest" function deletes the entire contest, including the widget from the tab.  The "Delete All Entry Data" function keeps the contest widget but removes all Entries and Votes for that contest. 


Editable Form Builder with Export

With the Platinum version of TabSite, Page Admins can build their own custom forms to use on their Facebook tabs and tab websites.  Admins can view form data submissions as well as export all captured data to csv files that can be opened in Excel.


Sweepstakes Random Winner Picker

The Platinum plan gives Facebook Page Admins a tool in the Export area to view entries and to select number of winners (up to 5) and then the system randomly selects a winner or up to the top 5, making it easy to have a random winner identified for each sweepstakes you run!





The TabSite Platinum features give Facebook Page Admins a robust feature set to manage Contests, Sweepstakes, and forms.  Together these tools empower Page Admins with ability to manage, export, and moderate engaging promotions on a fan page.


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