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Friend Share

Friend Share is a powerful social sharing tool that lets fans access their Facebook Friend List and share a message on the Timeline of the specific friends they select.

Facebook Page Admins can add a custom image or infographic on the tab to promote a Product, Event, Service, Infographic, upcoming Sweepstakes, etc, the uses are endless!

Page Admins can customize the recommended "Friend Share" message that fans will share with their friends, and customize the instructions to ANY LANGUAGE.

Get Started! First, Click the Manager section and then the Add App tab:


Next, scroll down the page and look for the Social Apps section. You will find in there the Friend Share App:


The page will then load and direct you to the App Builder settings section. You can upload your photo in two ways, you can drag/drop the photo or you can browse it from your computer:


You can also share the app in this settings page using the Friend Share-Share Details option. It is recommended to make your title as simple as possible, a precise description and a photo that catches the true nature of the app:


You can also publish the Friend Share on a tab on Facebook. All you have to do is specify your fan page, name of your tab and a logo and icon to represent the tab:


The Promotion Tools is the third setting. It consists of four sub-settings specifically Social Sharing Options, Blog/Web Callout Tool, Post Planning and Comment System:


The first sub-setting for the Promotion Tools is the Social Sharing Options. It lets you share the app to the different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. The image position can be edited, you can key in your title, description and execute the engagement process with these social media platforms. (It is recommended to select all of the platforms for ease of fan sharing):


Create a call-out image. You can do this by uploading an image, then, it will be automatically generated to an embed code. This code can be placed on your personal blog or website or to anywhere you want. Site visitors can be forwarded to your Facebook tab when they click it:


The Post Planning option is the third sub-setting. Choose either one of these programs to schedule your postings to social networking sites: Buffer, Sendible and Hootsuite. Since it is mobile and user-friendly, the displayed URL is a SMART URL. It will then direct you to the Facebook page on a tab you made:


The fourth sub-setting is the Comment System. Added options will show up the moment you checked the "Enable Comment System" option. The other options consist of "Allow visitors to sign-in to comment via Facebook or Form", "Comment Notification Emails" and "Require Comment Approval. By clicking the Manage Comments button below, the changes will be saved:


The Gates is the fourth setting. It lets you upload a Gate Image:


The Advanced setting is the fifth setting. You will be able to upload an image for your header, modify the link color, text color and background color. It has provided default styles linked with this app and gives you a choice for customization:


Customize the text for your Friend Share Deal to your language and certain needs with the Language section. There are three sub-settings of the Language section, the Friend Share App, the General and the Comment System.

The Friend Share App comprise of two main boxes which are the "Authentication and Notification" and the "Friend Share Box."  The "Authentication and Notification" box is composed of customizable fields that displays the pop-up message on the Approval Button Text, Approval Request Text and Successful Share Message box. On the other hand, the "Friend Share Box" has customizable fields namely the Friend Share Box Title and the Friend Search Dummy Text:


The next sub-settings for the Language section is the General. It has two drop-down menus specifically the Like button language and the Tweet button language. It also has a customizable Share button text:


The third sub-setting for the Language section is the Comment System. It has numerous fields of which you can customize the text for the Comment System Language Settings:

And also customize the displayed texts for the Errors:


The mobile setting is the seventh setting. It has two Global Options namely "Render desktop version on mobile" and "Use like gate on mobile devices" which is answerable by either yes or no:


Various graphs comprise the Analytics section. They are composed of Overview, Facebook Views, Web Views, Mobile Views, Microsite Views, Shares, Likes and Friend Shares:



This is what the graphs for Facebook, Web, Mobile and Microsite Views looks like:


Shares, Likes and Friend Shares Analytics look like this:


Click the Save button found at the bottom-right corner of the page when you are already finished editing all the page settings:


You will be directed to the My Apps tab after saving the settings on Friend Share. This is where all the created tab site plans are situated. In line with the features of your Plan, you can make and test any app, you can easily create the apps, test them and publish them in the end.

In Publishing your App, tick "Publish" to  undergo the details of publishing it to Facebook, websites and other social media platforms.

NOTE that Friend Sharing is one at a time.  Facebook requires this to prevent spamming and we have no control over that.